How To: Force Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml over HTTPS:// on WP Engine

If you're on WP Engine and are not routing through Cloudflare or a similar proxy that can force static files to HTTPS://, you may notice that a request to https://domain.com/robots.txt

How to: OCSP Stapling on WP Engine

Online Certificate Status Protocol, or OCSP for short, is a standard validating the whether an X.509 certificate has been revoked or not. OCSP Stapling removes the need for clients to

How To: HIPAA Compliant Uploads in WordPress

Most hosting providers by default aren't HIPAA Compliant. If you run a Wordpress site where you need to process personal healthcare information (ie. accept uploads of healthcare documentation), this can

How To: Syncing Dropbox to SFTP with Microsoft Flow on WP Engine

Login to your Microsoft Flow account and click My Flows, then click New and select Create from Template: Search for dropbox sftp and you'll see Sync files from a folder

How To: Fix a Funky Looking Staging Site (Divi & Avada)

You may find that a duplicate of your Wordpress site doesn't look right after a fresh push from Live to Staging or vice versa (missing images, broken CSS, etc.). This

How To: Setting up Office 365 email on your WP Engine site

Up until relatively recently, Google used to block outgoing requests through ports 25, 465 and 587. This caused problems for Office 365 users who wanted to send email from their

How To: Fix parameter must be an array in /modeltheme-framework/init.php on line 746

If your site is using Model Theme and you upgrade to PHP 7.2, you may come across this: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements

How To: Fix “Parameter 1 to wp_default” errors on WP Engine

After upgrading to PHP 7.2 on WP Engine, some Wordpress users are seeing warnings in their logs, Query Monitor (or in their debug output on screen) that look like: Parameter

How To: Fix Revslider (Slider Revolution) 500 error on PHP 7+

Security support for 7.0 ended in December 2018 and while 7.1 support will end in December 2019, it's no longer being actively updated outside of security patches so updating to

How To: Set your Security Headers and HSTS in 10 minutes

If you have a fresh site, odds are running it through Security Headers is going to give you some warnings. I won't go into much detail about what these specifically

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